Wedding Anniversary Names

Ever wanted to know the wedding anniversary names and gifts by year? Here's a list of the appropriate present to give for each of the anniversaries. We've included a complete list of all the traditional names and equivalent gift suggestions for each of the anniversary years from a first anniversary through to an eightieth. We also have some fun and interesting facts about anniversaries and their history.

Wedding Anniversaries Gifts and Names by Year


Anniversary Name

Modern Gift or Present

1st (first)PaperClock
2nd (second)CottonChina
3rd (third)LeatherCrystal or Glass
4th (fourth)LinenFruit or Flowers
5th (fifth)WoodSilverware
6th (sixth)IronSugar
7th (seventh)CopperCopper or Wool
8th (eighth)BronzeBronze or Pottery
9th (ninth)WillowLinen or Lace
10th (tenth)TinDiamond
14thIvoryGold Jewellery
30thPearl Ivory or Diamond
65thBlue SapphireBlue Sapphire


History of Anniversary Celebrations

The celebration of wedding anniversaries dates back to Roman times when husbands gave their wives a silver wreath for 25 years of marriage, and a gold wreath for 50 years. Twentieth century commercialism then led to the addition of more gifts to represent colour and names for other years. By the 1930's there was a material or symbol representing the year as a gift suggestion for the first year and milestone years such as 10th, 20th, 25th and 50th. Over the years more were added and the gift list updated and modernised by various American and British greeting card companies.

British couples can receive a message from the Queen for a 60th, 65th and 70th anniversary, and every year after that. The end of World War Two is reflected in the number of messages sent - in 2005 thousands more diamond wedding messages were sent due to the large number of marriages as soldiers returned home from the war.

Long Marriage Records

Some British couples have held Guinness World Records for marriage. In 2006 the world's longest living married couple were Mr and Mrs Jones from South Wales whose wedding in 1923 was 83 years ago. In 2015 the record for the longest every marriage was held by a British couple - Mr and Mrs Chand from Bradford who were married for almost 91 years. 

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