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Welcome to our blog. Here you will find that Caketoppers are not just for cakes! There are all kinds of different things you can do with printed icing and edible wafer, and we have all the instructions and recipes. You can use our sheets for gifts that aren't even food!

How to make Edible Fabric from Printed Wafer

Detailed Instructions and Recipes

edible fabric

In this post we explain how to make your own edible fabric, edible silk or food safe denim. Achieve the look and feel of cloth using printed wafer paper and cheap supermarket ingredients costing around £2 to £3. The only tools and equipment you need are probably already in your kitchen. 


How to make marshmallow with printed photos

Recipes and full instructions

printed marshmallow

Caketoppers are not just for cakes! Here we show you how to make your own printed marshmallows with photos. You can use our printed edible wafer sheets or icing sheets.

Fake Promo Discount Voucher Codes

Information on protecting your identity

too good to be true

There are various websites advertising fake Caketoppers promo codes, discounts, coupons or vouchers for our products. These are usually found by searching phrases such as Caketoppers discount codes, vouchers or deals.

Wedding Anniversary Names

The names of all the anniversary years

wedding anniversary cakes cupcakes

Ever wanted to know the wedding anniversary names and gifts by year? Here's a list of the appropriate present to give for each of the anniversaries.


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