Please find below a selection of answers to questions we are often asked:

How do I place an order?

All our cakes and cupcake products are available to buy online from this website, using the various categories on the left or the search facility above. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us for details.

How long does it take?

Many of our cakes and all cupcakes are available for next working day delivery, or you can choose a future delivery date. Novelty and decorated cakes take a few days to complete. Edible photo toppers and other decorations can be sent on next-day or express services. Details are shown at the checkout.

How are you able to offer a next-day service?

As we sell so many cakes and cupcakes they are made in very large batches and we usually have plenty of fresh stock.

Will my cake be safe in the post?

We send cakes and cupcakes using an overnight courier service so they are in transit less than 24 hours. Our cakes, cupcakes, boxes and packaging have all been custom designed so your order arrives in perfect condition.

How long do your cakes keep?

As our cakes and cupcakes are completely covered in icing the sugar preserves the sponge naturally, so they have a long shelf life. We guarantee that our cakes and cupcakes will stay fresh for a minimum of 5 days from despatch, but typically they will keep for much longer.

Can I choose a delivery date for my cake or cupcakes?

When you place your order you will be asked to select a delivery date. All cakes and cupcakes are sent the previous day on an overnight next-day service.

Can you deliver my order to a different address?

Yes, when you place your order you will see an option at the checkout for a separate delivery address.

Do you deliver cakes to multiple addresses?

If you would like to send logo cakes or cupcakes to clients, suppliers or staff we can send them on your behalf. Please contact us with your requirements. If you only have a couple of different addresses you are welcome to place separate orders online for each delivery address.

What is a Photo Cake, Edible Photo or Cake Topper?

We print edible cake top decorations made from a thin sheet of icing with your photo or picture printed using edible ink. They are not edible paper or rice paper, but a layer of real icing on a backing sheet. Your image is printed using special edible ink, made from food colouring in special dedicated printers.

Do you print on rice paper?

No, our edible photo cake decorations are printed on real icing, which is perfect for cake decorations.

What's in your cakes and cupcakes?

Please see the Ingredients page for full details including allergy information.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

Our edible photo topper decorations are suitable for vegetarians and contain no wheat, gluten, dairy products, eggs or nuts. Our cakes are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

How do I send you my picture and what format can it be?

You can send us your picture or photo using our upload facility when you place an order, or attached to an email, or through the post for us to scan. Black & White photos work just as well as colour. Any image you send that could be printed on paper can be printed on icing as a cake decoration. We can accept most picture formats such as JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP and PDF. Please contact us if you have any questions on file formats.

What size or resolution should my picture be?

If you are scanning your own photo, usually a resolution of 150dpi is sufficient. The higher the quality of your original picture, the better the finished result will be. The actual size of your picture is not important, we will enlarge or reduce it to fit your selected icing sheet, or print it to the exact size you specify. However, if you send a very small image then quality may be lost if it needs to be enlarged. As a general rule, if it prints well on paper then it will print well on icing.

Can I use your toppers on my own cake?

You can make your own cake and decorate it with an Edible Photo Topper. Full instructions will be enclosed with your order and can be read by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. You can bake your own cake and ice it, buy one already iced from or shop, such as a bakery, supermarket or Marks & Spencer. Simply peel your image from the backing sheet and place it on your iced cake.

What kind of icing can I use if decorating my own cake?

Edible Photo toppers can be applied to almost any kind of icing such as roll-out icing, fondant or royal icing. If you are using a ganache, whipped cream, butter cream, glace icing or any topping with a high moisture content we recommend you use roll-out icing as a backing to the printed topper.

How long can I keep my Edible Photo Topper?

The printed icing can remain edible for several months, but we recommend that you use them within two weeks for the picture to remain sharp. You can put it on your cake in advance provided the cake itself will keep.

Can you use a picture of my favourite cartoon character, TV star, a magazine cover or professional photo?

We can only print personal or copyright-free images, or images that you have permission to reproduce. By placing an order with us you warrant that any images you ask us to print do not contain anything which would infringe any copyright or trade mark.

Can you make changes to my picture before printing it?

We will print your picture exactly as you send it, enlarged or reduced to fit the size you choose. We can crop your image at no extra charge - this is zooming in on a certain part of the picture to exclude unwanted edges. Your picture will be cropped to a square, rectangle or circle, depending on the shape of icing sheet you order. Please specify any particular requirements on your order.

Do you return my original photo?

All photos and pictures received in the post will be returned intact with your order. We do not alter your original in any way - if you send us a photo, we scan it first and make any changes only to the scanned image.

How can I use wafer paper to make edible fabric

Please read our post on how you can make edible fabric from our printed wafer paper


More information including ingredients and edible photo cake decorations instructions on how to apply them.

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