Birthday Cake Candles

Candles for birthday cakes, anniversary cakes or any other celebration. Available in a range of colours including gold and silver for a wedding anniversary, special birthday or any celebration. Buy online now and choose how fast you need them. If you order candles with a cake they will be sent  together, but we don't put them on the cake as this would not be safe for delivery.

The origins of the practice of birthday candles and blowing them out is rather vague and there are various theories. Some speculate that it dates back to the ancient Greeks who honoured the goddess Artemis with candles that glowed like the moon. However, it is widely believed that candles were invented in the third century BC in China. There is a pagan theory of a ritual using candles that were believed to have special powers of granting wishes. Candles were used at birthday celebration in Germany in the 1700's at traditional celebration for children called Kinderfest. 

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